exam 9 - 1. Habeas corpus writs are used to: make...

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1. Habeas corpus writs are used to: make government officials perform their  duties. challenge the nominations of unqualified  people to judicial positions. supply the Supreme Court with a case's  lower court records. take cases from state to federal district  courts. Score: 1 of 1 2. Which of the following is NOT a way the president can influence the Supreme Court? Choosing what types of cases to  bring before the Court Overruling Supreme Court  decisions with the advice and  consent of the Senate Enforcing some Supreme Court  decisions with greater diligence  than others Appointing justices to the Court Score: 0 of 1 3. Cases can reach the Supreme Court by all of these routes EXCEPT: writs of certiorari. writs of appeal. writs of habeas corpus.
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writs of inquiry. Score: 1 of 1 4. Which of the following is true about presidential selection of Supreme Court nominees? Democrats have been more likely to  appoint women and minorities. Presidents typically select nominees  with the same party affiliation as their  own. Presidents have little impact in the 
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exam 9 - 1. Habeas corpus writs are used to: make...

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