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lpa 6-kt - will not compromise This is an extreme and does...

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The communication is a big problem between the members of Congress. With the Senate and the House of Representatives not  on the same schedule and the fact that there are so many people and sub groups, makes it difficult to acertain the best way to  establish certain ideas, making many laws unattainable. Because of the differences in the party systems between Republicans and  Democrats, the passing of laws is also made difficult. The parties will not concede to the other parties' ideas and the other party 
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Unformatted text preview: will not compromise. This is an extreme and does not happen all the time, but it is difficult. Also, the relationship between Congress and the people makes passing laws difficult. Even though people are happy with whom they elect, they are still not satisfied with Congress as a whole. This makes the Senate's and House of Representative's jobs harder. They have to please the people, do what is justly right, and uphold the Constitution....
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