exam 10 - 1. Rankandfile members of political parties in...

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1. Rank-and-file members of political parties in the United States: are required to vote for the candidates of  their party. are assessed modest membership fees on a  semiannual basis. are issued membership cards. think of themselves as members of parties. Score: 1 of 1 2. Candidates for office in the United States are generally chosen: from single-member  districts. by political bosses. by the party leadership. from multi-member  districts. Score: 1 of 1 3. The party platform is a statement of principles that are binding on political candidates who run under the banner of a particular  political party. True False
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Score: 1 of 1 4. The party in the electorate is important because: they use their party preferences  to help them decide who to vote  for. they organize and manage  political campaigns. they help conduct the national  party conventions. they are believed to carry out  the party platform. Score: 1 of 1 5. Which of the following statements is true? A candidate’s party identification is not a  critical factor in elections because most  people vote for the individual, not the  party. America developed political parties only 
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exam 10 - 1. Rankandfile members of political parties in...

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