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ESPM 192 - Molecular Approaches to Environmental Problem Solving First Midterm Examination 30% Term Project 25% Final Examination 45% The term project will involve the preparation of an analysis of how molecular approaches (including but not limited to recombinant DNA methods, biochemical approaches, immunological methods, use of molecular markers, chemical strategies, systems biology, microbiology, etc.) can be used to recognize or solve problems in the area of conservation, habitat and endangered species preservation, agriculture, environmental pollution, climate change, etc. The emphasis of the project will be to apply perspectives on and the analysis of the literature that relates to an environmental problem - eg. it is more than simply a “book report” that summarizes the literature. The case studies can be on most any topic of student interest, but 1) must include some molecular or biotechnological component, and 2) involve some environmental issue. The only other limitation is that the topic can not be one that is discussed in class lectures – consult with the instructor if it appears that your topic may overlap that of material to be covered in class. Topics exclusively of medical significance such as treatment or diagnosis of diseases are inappropriate.
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espm+class+requirements+2010 - ESPM 192 - Molecular...

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