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aaad 210 review - 210 Final Examination Review-Fall 2010...

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210 Final Examination: Review—Fall 2010 Note: the final exam will take place Dec 16—2:30, Teter#256. It may include all readings, lectures, past quizzes and power points dating from midterm through the last day of class. In addition, certain key terms and concepts that have been emphasized throughout the course are eligible for inclusion , such as “diaspora”, multiple jeopardy, etc. The format will be similar to the midterm , with both essay and multiple choice questions. Hint: In preparing for the exam, a good strategy would be to review all readings for the main argument and supporting ideas, time periods and chronological sequences are important, but not specific dates. The following are areas of study and examples of possible content. 1. Identify locations within the African diaspora The locations are United States, Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Europe, South America , and Brazil. 2. Id examples and definitions of empowerment Personal—individual Overcoming obstacles that impede personal growth and awareness through individual initiative—ex: overcoming domestic violence ; educational attainment Political—institutional challenging institutional structures that impede the progress and development of a group and its representatives; transforming one’s relationship
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aaad 210 review - 210 Final Examination Review-Fall 2010...

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