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EXPERIMENT 7 Molecular Shape and Polarity Write the answers to these pre-laboratory questions in your lab notebook. Answers to these questions are due at the beginning of your lab section during the week of October 25–29. In addition to the Lab Manual, further information about Lewis structures, molecular shapes and VSEPR theory can be found in sections 10-4 through 10-7 of Petrucci. Pre-laboratory Questions: 1. Write the experiment title and purpose in your lab notebook. 2. Determine the Lewis structures and molecular shapes of the following molecules: CH 3 Cl, PCl 5 , and NO 3 . State the approximate bond angles in each molecule. Determine the formal charge on each atom in all of these molecules. Do any of these molecules have
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Unformatted text preview: nonzero molecular dipole moments? If so, which and in what direction do they point? 3. Determine the formal charges on each atom in Figure 7.5 in the Lab Manual (page 47). For those molecular fragments that lack formal charges, indicate polarity with partial charges ( δ + and δ – ). 4. Use the Table of Average Bond Lengths (located on page 49 of the Lab Manual) and Figure 7.5 to determine the approximate size (length and width) that your drug molecule needs to be to fit within the receptor surface. 5. Sketch out a tentative experimental procedure. This procedure need not be overly detailed; a few sentences or outline should suffice....
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