Study Guide for Exam on Dec. 8

Study Guide for Exam on Dec. 8 - E103 Fall 2010 Study Guide...

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Unformatted text preview: E103, Fall 2010 Study Guide for the 2 nd exam The following set of suggestions is designed to help you prepare for the last exam, which is to be held on Wednesday December 8 th in our regular classroom. The exam will primarily focus on the material since the midterm, namely the educational issue and the origins controversy. However, there will be material from earlier parts of the course especially as it relates to language ideology and grammatical features of Ebonics. This is indicated below. In preparing for the exam you should follow this study guide, review any relevant homework, go over your class notes, relevant course readings, minute papers, and any pertinent material from the discussion section. The exam will mainly contain short-answer questions including true-false questions. The exam will be worth 50 pts. 1 . What is a pidgin language? What is a creole language? 2 . What is the Creolist hypothesis regarding the origins of AAVE? Be able to provide an argument (that is, a piece of evidence) for and against the Creolist Hypothesis. In addition to the creolist hypothesis, what are two other hypotheses regarding the origin of AAVE? Briefly explain what each hypothesis is. hypotheses regarding the origin of AAVE?...
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