3-48 sol - E4 = o: fir^-fir* =o 14 = o; -fin^ - ,o, * |r,r=...

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'i3-4E. If the bucket and its contents have a total weight of 20 lb, determine the force in the supporting cables Drl, DB.and DC. 2.5 fl l-
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Unformatted text preview: E4 = o: fir^-fir* =o 14 = o; -fin^ - ,o, * |r,r= o E4 - 0; +sF^ F u = Foa = 1 f l r l . F * :><, I t t L .rft * fro.-to= o lo.o lb t . l I t b 15,6 lb AM AE...
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