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University of California, Davis Department of Applied Science Fall 2010 David M. Rocke Numerical Methods EAD 115 October 21, 2010 Homework Assignment 4 Due October 27, 2010 1. Do problems 13.2–13.6 on page 364 of the text. Note that concave means that the second derivative is everywhere negative, and implies that there is at most one maximum and no minimum. 2. Do problem 14.7 on page 385 in the text. 3. Using the function from problem 14.7, and the starting point of (0, 0), perform one iteration of Newton’s method and compute the function value.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Using the function fminsearch from Matlab, Fnd the maximum of the function from 14.7. Be sure to negate the function when you deFne the M-Fle since fminsearch Fnds minima. To deFne the function choose ±ile/New and type the function in as in the examples in the book on pages 405–409, then save the Fle with the default name. Compare the function value at the optimum to the function values from the Frst iterations of steepest ascent and Newton’s method....
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