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115-05HW7 - order Runge-Kutta method Investigate the error...

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University of California, Davis Department of Applied Science Fall 2005 David M. Rocke Numerical Methods EAD 115 November 28, 2008 Homework Assignment 7 Due December 5, 2005 1. Do problem 25.1–25.5 from the text. 2. Do problem 25.11 and 25.12 from the text. 3. Write a computer program in any language to implement the standard fourth-
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Unformatted text preview: order Runge-Kutta method. Investigate the error behavior for step sizes h=0.5, h=0.25, h=0.125, and h=0.0625 using the Problem 25.5 formulation by computing the global absolute error at the end point. How does this Ft the theoretical error behavior of this method?...
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