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1. A Combine is an agricultural device designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is what farmers did before the advent of machinery in the ancient agricultural practice of winnowing, one form of which was to expose what to the wind so that the chaff blew away and the grains remained. Bromden makes frequent allusions to the combine and its mechanism. 2. A Combine in metaphor, separate and distinguish the wanted from the unwanted, the valuable form the relatively valueless. 3. In the book, the author use this metaphor to signify Authority in many forms: parents, teachers, employers, police, administrators etc
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Combine in China (some BS from me) the behavior of the individual is the essence of personality; organizational behavior is the essence of power. (I am not sure if this is appropriate )1. The media of China in the disaster, such as earthquake contrary the media ethics problems, they offer wrong and false information, overstate the fact etc. 2. Housing demolition of the buildings for poor people, the government has no regard of them, but the relocation compensation is really low compare to the housing price, individual has no power against the authority in this case. 3....
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