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Personality differences between males and females lead diverse gender value In “ Code Pink, Raging Grannies, and the Missile Dick Chicks: Feminist Performance Activism in the Contemporary Anti-War Movement”, Kutz- Flamenbaum (2007) describes that the performance of three women’s anti-war groups challenge the cultural assumptions about gender. Anderson (2008) also discusses in “Treacherous Pin-ups, Politicized Prostitutes, and Activist Betrayals: Jane Fonda’s Body in Hollywood and Hanoi” that women who are only accepted by society as long as their protest still fits into society's stereotypical view of women. Suzanne Lacy applies the practice of "expanded public pedagogy" to challenge gender norms and contribute to the anti-rape movement in the United States. According to V.G.Fryd (2007), in “Suzanne Lacy’s Three Weeks in May: Feminist Activist Performance Art as “Expanded Public Pedagogy.” Also, in “An Interview with the Guerrilla Girls,
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Unformatted text preview: Dyke Action Machine (DAM!), and the Toxic Titties” RAIZADA (2007) states that how the three feminist organizations contribute significantly in the female’s rights movements. As Cashdan (1989) research shows, in “ Anti-war feminism: New directions, new dualities—a Marxist-humanist perspective”, the boom feminist aspect (dimension) in the antimilitarist movement worldwide has brought a new consciousness from the desire for new human relations that challenges activists to deepen their activity. However, while much research has been done into gender expectations, especially the roles females play in anti-war movements, and public perceptions of women engaging in feminist performance activism, there have been no studies on male perspective about female performance activism. Do the personality differences between males and females lead diverse gender value? A study will be done of… z research site e...
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