it233P2 - be disassembled or destructed, has more than...

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Our group had a tough time finding a project that fit our skill level. We were trying as hard as possible to avoid products with multiple organically curved surfaces such as the entire skateboard, bicycle gear shifter, bicycle breaking system, and various toys and other products that we looked into, however; we still wanted to find a mechanically fun item to work with. We found a unique match from our group that contained both geometry and a unique mechanical function. As a group we were excited to find a product that matched both our internal criteria and the criteria set forth by the instructions of the project. Modeling the VHS Player that we have chosen in Solid Works will be a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience for our group. After initially choosing that the VHS player was a project possibility we had to determine if it met the criteria in the P1 #2 instruction area which are that the product is mass produced, can
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Unformatted text preview: be disassembled or destructed, has more than twenty non-standard parts, has components made with plastic or metal or electrical components, and that there is access to information regarding the original equipment manufacturer. It was obvious to us that the VHS player was a mass produced product so we had to start out by taking it apart to see just how many parts the tape player had. Once we concluded that it could indeed be disassembled we also knew that it had more than the necessary 20 parts. The various parts of the VHS Player were made of both plastic and metal. Information regarding the source of the parts is available online after some decent searching. Our team concluded the VHS Player fit all the criteria and is a good project for us to work on, pending its instructor approval....
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it233P2 - be disassembled or destructed, has more than...

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