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Raymond White POLS325 Prof. Zhang Fall 2010 Essay Prompt #4: Globalization and Westernization Globalization is the global phenomenon that has been occurring in the latter half of the twentieth century due to the intense technological advances made. Globalization is the development and integration of the economies, cultures, and societies of different regions and sovereign states (Global101). The two major parts of globalization include the opening up of markets to an international theatre, and the other is opening up your culture both within and outside of one’s home country. There are certain economic practices and values, and other general things that allow a country to join in the group of countries that are embracing the phenomenon of globalization (Zhang). Any country that wants to join in to the new 21 st century global market is allowed to, although, some debate has arisen as to whether or not this is the best choice for everyone. Some scholars believe opening up your country to the world’s markets, you open domestic products and services to foreign competition and if you are close to a Westernized country the chances are that they will be your competition. If your country isn’t particularly specialized in producing or doing something, your stake holds in the market will be eaten up (Scheuerman). All of these are valid fears and reasons for opposing globalization, at least from an economic standpoint. A major aspect left out of this analysis of globalization is foreign investment. People like to make money and clearly they don’t care where they make it, who aids in making it, or who gets a little of the pork fat for hosting the economic venture. People are willing to invest where they see an
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pols325essayglobalization - Raymond White POLS325 Prof....

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