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Descartes Dualism

Descartes Dualism - is talking about is made up of two...

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Steven Seage Professor Dobson PHI 2010 Descartes’ Dualism Descartes starts off meditating on what he defines himself as. He wants to figure out if he exists and what he is made up of. He first concludes that he exists without a doubt. His premise for this is that if you think you are something then you must certainly be something. If you cannot think that you are something then you are not something. So he concludes that he exists because he is something. He then realizes that the existence he
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Unformatted text preview: is talking about is made up of two aspects – the body and the soul. The body controls sensations, organs, blood, tissues, etc. And the soul pertains to feelings, motivations, and the mind. He wonders if one can be separated from the other and realizes that this cannot happen. Whenever we feel something there is a direct connection to an observation made by the body. One depends on the other and visa versa. In this way we must be both body and soul at the same time....
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