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Raymond White IT407 IT407 Conclusion IT407 was an intense class that required lots of outside time dedication and teamwork. My group and I were able to make and sell 80 didgeridoos; we gained some money but more importantly a valuable experience. In this paper I will be discussing my opinions about the work done by the other group members, my experience from in the class from start to finish, and how I would take Snoring Tree Didgeridoos from a small company producing only 80 units to a large manufacturer producing millions of didgeridoos. One of the group members I believe did not sufficiently fulfill their duties in their assigned roles was our OM, Jim Shelton. From the very beginning Jim was not able to fully take leadership of the group. He wasn’t able to even achieve his own personal agenda with project choice. Throughout the project he micro managed individual workers without actually doing much (if any) organization at all. It seemed as though everything the group needed to get done was being brought to Jim’s attention by our group members and then he would write it down and ask someone to do it. Stuff that was due would sometimes catch him off guard like he didn’t read the syllabus or check it to keep refreshed on the course requirements. Once we started production I would often find him sitting around the table not doing anything or running downtown or to Home Depot for something we could have purchased at El Corral Bookstore. He claimed that he wanted to save a few bucks, but due to his often long trips to the store most of us just thought he was dodging work. He did a bad job at organizing the production line and caused some chaos
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with what unit was where in the production line. Once again the group was left to deal with these problems all on our own. Jim also didn’t do any planning for the trade show past signing up with campus. We were forced to scramble the morning of the show and I found myself to be the only one in lab doing stuff Jim should have already taken care of. I think Jim is a nice guy but we definitely could have had way more prepared and effective leadership. He may have led the group meetings but by no means dictated the content. I feel he contributed very little to the knowledge base of the team as well as the work force. While Tyler Blumer and I didn’t agree on everything, we did both agree that we were interested in making a quality product. Tyler was a hard worker and was very into his product idea of Didgeridoos. From what I could tell he dedicated a lot of outside time on making sure production was ready and going smoothly. I do not feel his grade should be affected by his evaluations or performance because he did an excellent job. At the beginning of the quarter I had some problems with Tyler’s didgeridoo product idea. I thought hollowing out an already hollow piece of wood and calling it a project was pretty weak and I thought the market would be slim to non-existent. After a few surveys we determined that there was a significant
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407finalessay - Raymond White IT407 IT407 Conclusion IT407...

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