Beverage Wars

Beverage Wars - July 31, 2008 DOW JONES REPRINTS Beverage...

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July 31, 2008 DOW JONES REPRINTS Beverage Wars Take On New Flavor Pepsi, Coke Race to Be First to Sell Drinks With Natural Sweetener By BETSY MCKAY July 31, 2008; Page B12 A little more than a year after Coca-Cola Co. disclosed the development of a natural sweetener that it said might start a new generation of calorie-free drinks, PepsiCo Inc. claims it has beaten Coke to the punch. Pepsi says it plans to introduce an enhanced water drink within the next few weeks that contains a sweetener very similar to the one Coke has. Both sweeteners are derived from a promising but controversial herb called stevia. Neither has been formally approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the U.S. and wouldn't necessarily replace other sweeteners. As a result, Pepsi, of Purchase, N.Y., said the new SoBe Life drink will be rolled out first in several Latin American markets, starting in Peru. Coke teamed with Cargill Inc. to market its own stevia-based sweetener in its beverages. Coke plans to introduce a soft drink with the new sweetener in a few U.S. markets before year end, pending formal FDA approval of the sweetener, according to a person familiar with the
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company's plans. A spokesman for Atlanta-based Coke declined to comment on its plans. Pepsi's rush to get a drink into consumers' hands ahead of Coke opens the latest act in a decades-old competition. The rivalry underscores the importance food and beverage companies place on being first to discover, brand and get a lock on the holy grail: a sweetener
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Beverage Wars - July 31, 2008 DOW JONES REPRINTS Beverage...

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