Food Lion Strategy

Food Lion Strategy - Copyright (c) 2007, The Charlotte...

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Copyright (c) 2007, The Charlotte Observer, N.C. Mar. 18--Trying to survive in a competitive market: 1 By: Nichole Monroe Bell Lois Litten used to be a regular Food Lion shopper, but a few years ago she decided to look for another grocery store after she had trouble convincing an employee to help her pull a heavy bag of dog food from a high shelf. Today, Litten shops at Bloom, where she says the staff is friendlier and the shelves are purposefully placed lower. An added bonus: She can always count on the store to have her favored Bear Creek cream of potato soup, a brand she has trouble finding at other stores. Litten, 78, said she's aware of the irony -- Bloom is owned by Food Lion. Litten represents the type of customer Salisbury-based Food Lion LLC has been able to hold on to. Food Lion created Bloom in 2004 and its lower-priced cousin, Bottom Dollar, in 2005 to better compete for shoppers who fall into one of two categories: boutique or bargain. In the Charlotte region, Food Lion runs more stores than any other grocer, but the company ranks No. 3 in market share and been losing shoppers to Harris Teeter and Wal-Mart, according to TradeDimensions International, a market research company. (Food Lion says other research shows the grocer is gaining market share in Charlotte, but declined to provide details.) Retail experts say Food Lion faces similar competition in other markets. So instead of just changing the Food Lion stores, the company gambled by opening Bloom, including locations in
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Food Lion Strategy - Copyright (c) 2007, The Charlotte...

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