Grocery shopping behavior

Grocery shopping behavior - Move It Along, Please By Candy...

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Move It Along, Please By Candy Sagon Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, June 8, 2005; F01 Linda Raymond of Chantilly has one goal when she goes to the supermarket: to get out as fast as she can. "I am the world's fastest shopper," says Raymond, "because I hate grocery shopping. I hate the money you have to spend. I hate the long lines and the stupid cards you have to use everywhere to get a discount," she adds, as she loads her car with groceries outside a Giant supermarket in Herndon. The mother of an "always hungry" teenage son, Raymond shops three or four times a week. She also works full time and wishes that supermarkets would do more to make shopping fast and convenient. Her suggestions: more express lines and more quick pickup items near the entrance. "Why do I have to go all the way to the back of the store if all I need is milk?" she asks. Raymond isn't the only one who'd like to see some changes at the grocery store. Three University of Pennsylvania marketing experts say the supermarket industry has been slow to respond to consumer needs, in part because grocery chains have some outmoded ideas of how people really shop. Peter S. Fader, Eric T. Bradlow and Jeffrey S. Larson, all of the Wharton School, analyzed data from special tracking devices attached to shopping carts at one West Coast supermarket. The data from 2004 showed, they say, that shoppers move through a store in a very different way than many retailers realize. Among their findings: Shoppers like to go in a counterclockwise direction; they don't
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Grocery shopping behavior - Move It Along, Please By Candy...

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