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English 302B - Does the author cover each of the four...

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English 302B Peer Critique for Comparative Literary Analysis Reviewer’s Name ___________________ Email: _________________________ Author ____________________________ CLA Title ______________________ Introduction: Does the author provide an effective introduction, clearly explaining the “issue” or topic the articles discuss to provide context for the analysis to follow? Does the author list both articles, authors, and their sources? Does the author effectively link the articles to a point about writing , and not just the topic of the articles? Thesis: _______________________________________________________________ Which method of organization does the author use within the body of the essay, block or point by point?
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Unformatted text preview: Does the author cover each of the four points from the assignment? • Audience • Purpose • Style • Tone Are paragraphs coherent, one central idea per paragraph? Are there clear transitions between paragraphs, making it clear why one paragraph follows another? Does the author draw the essay to an effective conclusion, going beyond a superficial level of noting the differences between the two authors? Does the essay contain grammatical and/or mechanical errors? Does the author lead into quotes, effectively attributing quoted material to its original source? Are quotes properly documented according to MLA format? Is there a Works Cited page? If so, is it correct? Further comments?...
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