EVPP 111 Lecture - Learning Guide 10 - Energy - Renewable - Solar - Fall 2010

EVPP 111 Lecture - Learning Guide 10 - Energy - Renewable - Solar - Fall 2010

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EVPP 111 Lecture Learning & Study Guide #10 Fall 2010 Energy: Renewable Energy – Solar What is solar energy? What are the general advantages of solar energy? What are the general disadvantages of solar energy? What are the use patterns of solar energy in the US and the world? What is the general trend in the use of solar energy? What is a major impediment to greater use of solar energy? What are the utilization methods of solar energy? What is passive solar heating, how does it work, how are buildings designs that use this? What is active solar heating, how does it work, how are buildings designs that use this? What is solar concentration (aka solar thermal), how does it work, how is it used, what are the different structures/devices that 
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Unformatted text preview: employ this method? • What are photovoltaic cells, how do they work (generally), how are they used? • What is a solar “wind” tower, how does it work? • What is a solar stirling dish, how does it work (generally)? • Do all parts of the earth receive the same amount of solar energy and if not, what factors determine the amount of solar energy is received? • How does the cost of electricity generated by solar power compare with that generated by other forms of energy (fossil fuels, hydro, nuclear, etc.)? 1...
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