Project2 - IT213 Lecture Project#2 Flowchart and...

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IT213 Lecture: Project #2 Flowchart and Storyboard (10% of Final Grade) I. Purpose The purpose of Flowchart and Storyboard assignment is to formally document the interaction design for the web site that you will create at the end of this semester. The flowchart and storyboard document is a major deliverable of the design phase of the web development lifecycle. The document should demonstrate attention to detail and accurately reflect the intended design of your web site. II. Steps 1) Review the example Flowchart and Storyboard documents (template and examples) on Blackboard (in the “Project 2” folder) to gain an understanding of the format and content for these documents. Be sure to study both the template and the completed documents. 2) Using the project company type that you wrote about in your Review Paper (Project #1), pick a fictional company that you will use to create your own web site. For example, if you wrote about a Non-Profit organization then your fictional web site should be a Non- Profit organization. 3) Consider the design of web sites that you researched, and use your own creativity and multimedia design knowledge to envision the design and interaction for your own fictional web site. Once you have an idea about the type of web site that you want to
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Project2 - IT213 Lecture Project#2 Flowchart and...

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