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Steven Seage Phi 2010 Professor Dobson An Argument for Dualism In light of the recent news that I have received, concerning your illness, I would like to shed some light on what you might be thinking about. I have some great information that you may find useful. Based on the arguments presented by Socrates and Descartes, I have come to the realization that the mind and body are separate entities. Furthermore, I believe that who you are resides in the non-physical part, your mind. You will find these arguments interesting because if who you are resides in your mind, then once your body is gone you will still continue to exist! By explaining the arguments of Socrates and Descartes, I can show you that your disease will not cause you to cease to be. Paul Churchland attempts to prove a point against dualism, but the argument for dualism is much stronger. Socrates was one of the greatest thinkers in history. According to Plato, his student, Socrates had a debate about this very subject with someone named Alcibiades. The debate specifically is the question – “What is man” As Socrates says there are only three real answers to this question. Man can be his body, his soul, or a combination of the two. He goes on to ask his audience a series of questions that leads him to the conclusion that man is the soul. He proposes that something being used cannot be the same as the user. This is seen in his example with the shoemaker. He says that the shoemaker uses tools, and these tools are used by the shoemaker. The tools cannot be the one making the shoes because they require that the man puts the tools to use. In this way the used cannot
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be the same as the used (Rauhut 261). He carries this same idea to the “What is man?”
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ESSAY 1 - Steven Seage Phi 2010 Professor Dobson An...

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