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lecture 4 - smoking - - can cause emphysema (alveoli...

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Respiratory system addendum on smoking: Smoking can be deadly. - A little bit about statistics: Yes, there are stories about people that live to a ripe old age and smoke. Yes, you can win the lottery. - These things are all possible, BUT , chances are that if you smoke, you will die between 13 and 14 years earlier than a non-smoker. - Dangers of smoking: - destroy cilia lining the bronchi. In response to irritation, the lungs produce more mucus, but without cilia to sweep it out, it starts clogging the lungs leading to “smokers cough”. - kill macrophages in the lungs (thus preventing you from fighting off infections). - cause lung cancer (most people die within one year of diagnosis). - bladder, pancreas, mouth & throat cancers are also more common in smokers.
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Unformatted text preview: - can cause emphysema (alveoli deteriorate, thus causing difficulty in breathing).- increases blood pressure & bad cholesterol leading to strokes & heart attacks.- wounds & bones take longer to heal - skin ages prematurely (wrinkles), taste and smell are less sensitive.- second hand smoke increases these risks for non-smokers.- smoking while pregnant deprives the fetus of oxygen.- Each year smoking kills approximately 440,000 people in the U.S.- more deaths than car accidents, alcohol & drug abuse, HIV & murders combined.- Quitting smoking can be difficult for some people due to nicotine addiction, but:- within a year lung capacity is almost back to normal.- within 15 years, the risk of heart disease and lung cancer drops back to normal....
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