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350 reading quiz outline - What Makes Apple Golden by Betsy...

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What Makes Apple Golden by Betsy Morris Feb. Itunes store became second-largest music retailer in US. 1 st is Wal-Mart Apple Store is demographic melting pot “You cant ask people what they want if its around the next corner” Steve Jobs- CEO cofounder ½ of Apples revenue come from music and ipods. Mac sales growth outpaces industry No. 1 among America’s most admired companies. 5 years sales tripled to 24 billion, profits went from 42 million to 3.5 billion Stock dropping with market at 40% No. 1 among fortune 500 companies for total return to shareholders 5 years (94%) 10 yr (51%) One Infinite Loop Cupertino Cali.= Apple Headquarters Goal for Iphone sales is ten million units Tim Cook is COO. “We are the anti-business school” Jonathan Ive = Head designer Interview of Jobs in Article done by Betsy Morris. “90% of people who use a PDA take info out on the road. Cook in charge of Mac division. 25,000 people working at apple and 10,00 in stores. Facebook Grows Up by Steven Levy Shara Karasic 40 years old Santa Monica Cali working mother addicted to facebook More than half of 35 million active users not college students, end of year less than 30 percent Zuckeberg Foudner and CEO 23 Decline 1 bil offer from Yahoo Terry Semel Yahoo CEO Growth rate of 3% a week Peter Theil sits on board of facebook. Says facebook should be valued like MTV 7 or 8 Billion Theil invested 500,000 dollars 300 person company three buildings in Palo Alto Cali Myspace 70 million users. More than facebook Aaron Byrd found wife on facebook searched name grace Facebook takes in revenue from banner ads sold by Microsoft contracted till 2011 Danah Boyd researcher UC Berkley- facebook key social infrastructure Facebook received 12.7 milion fron Accel Partners took this over offer from NewsWEEK Don Graham. 25 million in cash in 2006 After news feed 700,000 people joined “Students Against Facebook News Feed Marc Rotenberg Electronic Privacy Info Center says privacy settings too complicated Chris Kelly is Chief privacy officer COO Van Natta says facebook will change world of middle age people. “Every single day we have more people over 25 entering facebook
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SubArticles: Sarah Kliff hates facebook because of how obsessed she is with it how it takes away time from her life Kurt Soller loves it because it makes his life more interesting and seem more important You Raised Them Now You Manage Them by Nadira A. Hira Gen Y loyalty to company is last on list According to Conference board 64 million skilled workers able to retire by end of decade. Fortune wrote that high demand low supply of Gen Y makes Gen Y able to dictate their terms to employers. Self absorbed, gregarious, multitasking, loud, optimistic pierced Joshua Butler KPMG graduated Harvard KPMG let him arrange schedule to accomidate his training for body building. Allowed him to move to NY KPMG- Jeal Asher director in advisory practice. Every junior staffer has mentor and manager has protégé. Send 100 new hiress to Madrid. Brought turnover down from 25%
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350 reading quiz outline - What Makes Apple Golden by Betsy...

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