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Lecture - Systems Analysis & Development

Lecture - Systems Analysis & Development - Huge...

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Systems Analysis and Development BMGT 301 Spring 2009 Prof. Don Riley Huge investment in IT projects and huge risks ! In 2004, it’s estimated total US IT projects wasted $55 billion Breakdown: $38 billion in lost dollar value and $17 billion in cost overruns. Total project spending: $255 billion 29% of all projects succeeded; 53% are challenged; and 18% have failed Late <14% within 20% of schedule >46% more than 100% late Over-budget Average project - 200% over budget <16% come in on budget Under-spec Less than half have more than 75% of original features 30% never produce anything Development/Acquisition Alternatives ! Build the Application (DIY) ! Purchase Prewritten Application May include some customization ! Contract Out Development – Outsourcing To Build or Not to Build? ! Why build it? Customized to meet your organization’s needs Control system/software quality Possible source of competitive advantage Develop technology competency -- creating future opportunities for custom solutions ! Why not build it? Typically most costly and most uncertain. Cost and Schedule overruns May be reinventing the wheel. Is IT your firm’s core competency ? Does your IT staff have the right skills? You’re on your own!
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Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) ! Planning or Investigation ! Analysis or Requirements Determination ! Design ! Development ! Testing ! Implementation ! Maintenance ! Note: Essentially intended to be a sequential process! ! Drawn as a circle to indicate the never-ending process of developing and refining Step 1 Planning ! Define Project Goals, align with Business objectives !
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  • Systems Development Life Cycle, Software development process, Rapid application development, Software development methodology, application development methodology

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Lecture - Systems Analysis &amp; Development - Huge...

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