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Review sheet for examination #1 The following are study questions to help you organize the material you have learned during this section of the course. This is by no means a comprehensive list of subjects, and you are responsible for any and all material presented in class and all assigned readings. Be prepared to answer questions from the assigned readings in the A&E book as well (4,5,21,33). 1. What is the Linnean hierarchy of biological taxa? What is the full human taxonomy? What characteristics unite members of each taxon? 2. In what way is a phylogeny similar to a family genealogy? 3. Outline Darwin’s theory of evolution in four observations and two conclusions. 4. What was missing in Darwin’s theory? Why do we say that evolution is a two stage process? What are the two stages? 5. How did Lamarck’s ideas about evolution differ from Darwin’s? 6. How do homologous and analogous traits differ? How is each a source of evidence for evolution? What are other sources of evidence for both the fact and
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