H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide

H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide - AMID H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide Why...

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AMID H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide Why do we wear clothes? We are permitted by law We have traditions and habits Our style defines who we are Function or protection (example: rain coat for rain, rain boots, winter coat) Cultural and religious beliefs (burka, kippah) To show social status To prove we are better than animals Privacy and comfort Special occasion and events Modesty: Adam and Eve ??? Protection Theory We wear clothes to protect us from rain, cold weather, sharp objects…but cultures still exist that do not wear clothing (inuits), their bodies adapt Modesty Theory Adam and Ever (naked…Adam and evil red apple…became ashamed) Immodesty Theory In the animal world many males are more decorated, many humans say we wear clothes and attract others with immodesty Adornment Theory Male lion has a mane, female dose not…this communicates individuality, attracts others, this is one of the best theories that works across cultures Flugel: with this theory because naked statues had decorations, 1930 anthropologist, there are naked cultures but we all have decorations already Why do we wear the specific clothing that we do? Size specification Personality To portray a specific image Function Profession Ago Changing fashion What look is widely accepted Geography (where you live) Income (what you can afford) Total comfort (softness, smooth, silky) What your peers are wearing
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Fashion system, marketing, advertising Durability Easy care (washing) Mood Cotton or availability of materials Season Qualities of certain materials International trade laws Technology Ethnicity and religion Laws: quotes, fabric from other countries Health Values Marital status Gender Todemism/trophism: symbols people wear to represent certain things Gaining Prominence Museum exhibitions Social awareness…ecological implications o People like to wear organic cotton o Certain areas have awful working conditions in factories o Many people are interested in fashion Globalization Academia Theory Conceptual network of propositions that explain observable phenomenon
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H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide - AMID H100 Quiz 1 Study Guide Why...

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