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Essay 2 part 2 - Steven Seage Professor Dobson 3/31/08...

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Steven Seage Professor Dobson 3/31/08 Swinburne’s Evil Evil is all around us. This is a very apparent fact. However the cause and reason for the evil is not as apparent. If our God is a wholly good omnipotent God, why would he let us experience evil? This is a question that has intrigued man for centuries. Through Swinburne, we can see what moral and natural evil are, how natural evil is connected to moral evil, and why God has a right to allow natural evils to occur to a limit. First let us examine moral evils and natural evils. Moral evil as defined by Swinburne is “all evil caused deliberately by humans” (460). Other less satisfactory solutions to the evil problem have been given as well. These are false because instead of placing conditions on the premises, one attempts to uphold all three tenets and still explain the problem. This cannot be and you will see why. One of the first of these explanations is that good cannot exist without evil. In other words if God creates good then he also automatically creates evil. Herein lays the problem. If God is wholly good, then would he not allow for evil to be created at all? This is not a likely scenario. Another way to explain this is that God is limited in his omnipotence, meaning that he cannot defy the logic of having good and evil. However, most theologians would have a real problem with this because by most accounts God is possible of all things rational or irrational. Another way to state this point of view is that good is the necessary counterpart to evil.
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Essay 2 part 2 - Steven Seage Professor Dobson 3/31/08...

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