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H100 Name(s): Client Dual-Period Wardrobe Project Gradesheet Grade: / 30 30 Point Breakdown Elements Pts. Deductions/Comments 10 Client Unique personal/personality traits World view/philosophy communicated 4 Demographics/clear “who” (whether story or bullets) 4 Comparative research/stores Pricing/ranges (match demographics) 2 10 Historic 4-6 pertinent social/cultural events/trends 4 4-6 pertinent style/clothing elements/trends
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Unformatted text preview: (“enough” info, 1.5+ pages or 3+ group) 4 Well written, good flow (grammar, structure) 2 10 Visuals Creative choices/layout Neat/Clean, “professional” 4 Complete looks (3+ or 5+ group) Match client Match period 4 Includes support materials: Mood/inspiration/culture/art-archit. 2 Additional Comments/Problems:...
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