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Unformatted text preview: McFashion McFashion Shopping IS entertainment Mass Market Retailers Mass Familiar Predictable Fast Easy to integrate Well marketed Disposable “knock-off” homogenized Been to Mall of America? Been List store/shopping entertainment MOST visited destination 7 acre, 4.2 mill sq ft, 10min/store=86hrs Amusement park, bowling, nightclubs, Amusement mini golf, shark tank/aquar, fast food mini Buying vs. Shopping Buying Buying=deliberate, work, boring Shopping=aimless, leisure, entertainment 42,000 malls=2/3 American retail 1960s U.S. - 5.3sqft/person 1990s – 19 sqft/person (NY apt.) Mexico - .3 sqft Malls now going bankrupt/adapted Attract people in different ways Pseudoluxe fashion center, mega mall Mega mall Mega Biosphere Lingo: guests, experience, entertainment Lingo: center center Billboards/Corporate sponsorships DJs, TVs, computers (Old Navy, Diesel, DJs, Prada) Prada) LVMH Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Louis Design & Management: Fire & Water World’s biggest fashion/luxury goods group 50 companies/brands “creativity is essential…fashion is not an creativity art…creation applied to garments and accessories which must be successfully sold.” sold.” Success: TWO people 8+examples Sustaining the relationship is the key Designer: respects brand; Brand: trusts designer Control Control Directly owned stores Control price, know customer, promote brand Control image (“brand integrity”-perceived value) ie Fossil Fossil Vuitton 80%, Gucci 50%, Armani 40% from Vuitton own stores own Constant acquisitions in diff areas of biz Mix hard and soft Limiting licensing Grant rights to name/production, receive fee and Grant 3-8% of gross sales 3-8% Current trend of buying back licenses (Burberry) Popularity = brand dilution Control distribution: piracy, parallel importing See pdf articles in Oncourse misc. Fakes/Piracy/ Prada ...
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