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Unformatted text preview: m1Sociology S100 Rob Robinson Study Guide for Walter LaFeber, Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism (NOTE: YOU SHOULD READ THE PREFACE AND CHAPTERS 1-6) 1. What do the following terms mean? How do they fit into LaFeber’s argument? Commodification of sports Soft power vs. hard power Athletes as commodities Homogenization of the world Sports as a means of upward mobility Consumerism Nike’s “swoosh” and the global market Sneaker crimes New globalized world order Sweatshops Americanization of mass culture Title IX and women in sports Media transnationals Global ad campaigns CEOs without national loyalties 2. What does global advertising sell beyond a product? What values are promoted by such advertising? 3. What are the effects of “cultural imperialism” or colonialism on the world? How does the concept of “soft power” fit in here? Why has even the use of such “soft power” engendered fear and anger toward the U.S.? What might this tell us about how the use of military (hard) power by and anger toward the U....
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