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S100 Notes for Test 2 - S100 Notes Samantha Snyder AFTER...

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S100 Notes Samantha Snyder AFTER EXAM 1 Doing Gender Femininity or masculinity as learned performances How is gender learned? o Parents rewarding/punishing “appropriate” behavior Media imagery advertising (learning gender differences/roles) o Women’s professions are not always as rewarding as men’s (stereotypical) jobs o GI Joe had 12 inch biceps and now he has 26 inch, Barbie used to be shaped like a normal woman, now she shrunk o Peers who deviate from the norm are subjects of ridicule/bullying Boys: sissy, pussy Girls: tomboy Feminist witches o Wendy Griffin, “Embodied Goddess”, goddess religion is a reaction against traditional, patriarchal religions that see god as male o Some feminist witches see gender differences as innate or natural rather than socially constructed o Goddess religions celebrate women’s sexuality and power Fraternities and “Rape Culture” o Martin and Hummer, “Frats and Rape on Campus” o Culture of frats: Recruit men who are athletic, big, affluent, willing to drink, not gay, exaggerated masculinity Men socialized by “big brothers” and through pledging into toughness, obedience, loyalty Competition over members Use alcohol as a weapon against women Competition over sports, women Commodification of women Women as bait Women as servers – “little sisters” Women as sexual prey Result: culture that tends to promote sexual assault DePauw Sorority Purge Each sorority had certain labels that applied…Delta Zeta was “socially awkward”, nationals heard and came and expelled 23 members (12 were left and 6 chose to stay) What’s changing about gender? o Women used to be a minority in colleges, now make up 58% of undergrads and less than 50 % of grad and professional students More and more colleges are using affirmative action to recruit more men Race What is race? o There is no single “official” definition of race in the US o Most state governments used the “one drop” rule … o Race is sociologically constructed, just as are gender and sexuality o Some examples: Life On the Color Line
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Boy raised in the South, moved to Muncie, Indiana and learned that he was black…didn’t know his grandma was black, lived in Virginia as a white, moved to Indiana as a black man, he looked white but it didn’t matter because he had black heritage and a very confusing identity… saved by a lady because dad and grandma were drunks, was listed as colored but had notes that said he appeared white…started dating a white woman and people were shocked, her family freaked out but they still got married as her family stopped talking to her A Girl Like Me High school girl did a study on colorism and replicated the original study about young children choosing a white doll or a black doll… some black people tried using skin bleaching cream, hair that is thought of as pretty is white people’s hair, “bad” doll was always black doll
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S100 Notes for Test 2 - S100 Notes Samantha Snyder AFTER...

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