Midterm+review - SATURDAY 13 MAY p.108 [] Sharon was in top...

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SATURDAY 13 MAY p.108 [ ] Sharon was in top form. “Bastards!” she was already yelling by 8:35, pouring three- quarters of a glass of Kir Royale straight down her throat. “Stupid, smug, arrogant, manipulative, self indulgent bastards. They exist in a total Culture of Entitlement. Pass me one of those mini-pizzas, will you?” Jude was depressed because Vile Richard, with whom she is currently split up, keeps ringing her, dropping little verbal baits suggesting he wants to get back together to make sure he keeps her interested, but protecting himself by saying he just wants to be “friends” (fraudulent, poisoned concept). The last night he made an incredible assumptive, patronizing phone call, asking her if she was going to a mutual friend’s party. “Ah well, in that case I won’t come,” he said. “No. It really wouldn’t be fair to you. You see, I was going to bring this, sort of, date with me. I mean, it’s nothing. It’s just some girl who’s stupid enough to let me shag her for a couple of weeks.” “What?” exploded Sharon, beginning to turn pink. “That the most repulsive thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about a women. Arrogant little prat ! How dare he give himself license to treat you any way he likes under the name of friendship, then make himself feel clever by trying to upset you with his stupid new date. If he really minded about not hurting your feelings he’d just shut up and come to the party on his own instead of waving his stupid date under your nose.” “ ‘Friends?’ Pah! The Enemy more like!” I shouted happily, tucking into another Silk Cut and a couple of salmon pinwheels. “Bastard!” By 11:30 Sharon was in full and splendid auto-rant. “Ten years ago people who cared about the environment were laughed at as sandal-
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Midterm+review - SATURDAY 13 MAY p.108 [] Sharon was in top...

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