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hmwk7 - Homework#7 due March 5 at noon ECE 15a 1 Do the...

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Homework #7 February 19, 2007 1 Homework #7 due March 5 at noon ECE 15a Winter 2007 1. Do the following problems from CHR: a. (15) 8.F b. (15p) 8.N 2. (15p) Consider the following circuit: It is possible that exactly one of the internal wires of this circuit (wire a, b, c or d) is permanently stuck- at-1 or stuck-at-0. What is the minimum number of input patterns you need to apply to convince yourself that the circuit functions correctly. List these patterns. 3. (5p) Prove that if A,B,C are sets for which both the conditions AB=AC and A+B=A+C hold, then it follows that B=C. 4. (5p) Prove, that if A and B are sets satisfying the relation , then A+BC=B(A+C). Do not use Venn diagrams in conducting the proof. 5. (5p) Show that the following conditions are inconsistent: , A=B, A’+B’=1. A, B are sets. 1 represents the universal set.
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