hw6 - (x,y,z,w =(1,1,1,0 to(1,0,1,0 This circuit has a...

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Homework #6 February 11, 2007 1 Homework #6 due February 26 at noon ECE 15a Winter 2007 1. Do the following problems from CHR: a. (5p) 7.7 b. (10p) 7.8 c. (5p) 7.31 d. (10p) 7.18 e. (15p) 8.2 f. (10p) 8.9 6. (25p) Consider the following circuit: Draw timing diagrams for the signals a,b,c,d and F after the inputs have switched at time t0 from
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Unformatted text preview: (x,y,z,w) = (1,1,1,0) to (1,0,1,0). This circuit has a static hazard on c and a dynamic hazard on F. 2.4 2.4 2.4 1 2.4 2.4 x y z w a b c F d...
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