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African American paper - African Americans 1 African...

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African Americans 1 African American Axia College of University of Phoenix
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African Americans 2 I belong to two ethnic groups and they are African American and Cherokee, and I mostly belong to African American. The African Americans immigrated to the United States of course , through slavery. African Americans came to America as slaves on the 1700s; they had no choice but to come. They were dragged from their homes in West Africa and they were to live abusive lives. When they were able to go to America they did face prejudice, segregation, and racism. They did not have any opinions when they wanted to make their decisions. The dual labor market and the redlining that were the early parts of the stage for the African Americans. There is most African Americans who did not have an education or they did not have any access to get a higher education. If they did have any education then they were forced into lower labor market, and they would have to start at a lower position than the white person. The African Americans still did not have any good jobs with benefits or structure. There has been an increase in the health of African Americans, but they
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African American paper - African Americans 1 African...

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