Induction - can process what we humans call music 1...

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Steven Seage PHI 2010 Induction Pg 62 1. Empirical 2. Not Empirical 3. Empirical 4. Empirical 5. Not empirical 6. Empirical 7. Not Empirical 8. Empirical Pg 67 Salt is usually white and very crystalline. It can be placed on food for preservation or taste. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure. Salt us usually found in containers at most dinner tables. Pg 69 I agree with Berkley that you have to have a perceiver to exist. If music is playing in a room, then everyone leaves the room, without turning the music on, then I will say that there is no music in that room. Music is something that man has created and defined.
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Although there will be sound waves in the room, I don’t think that any of the furniture
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Unformatted text preview: can process what we humans call music. 1. Induction is the method of estimating possibility. What is the problem is that people make generalizations and that can skew the chances. 2. The two ways to alleviate the problem are to give meaning to the word evidence before the claim is made. And to make sure that it does not violate the logical basis for the deduction of laws. 3. To have a pragmatic view of justification, one must test it against the evidence in the past and in the present. And of course all of these claims must be logically coherent....
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Induction - can process what we humans call music 1...

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