psych midterm 3 - actually separated by a pause 10)Garden...

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1) Why do people not consider whales to be fish? – family resemblance 2) Which of the following supports __________ theory – when we start naming the central ones and move outwards 3) You would except snakes to be a basic level category, cobras to be a subordinate category for university students, for a snake handler, snake would be superordiante and cobra would be basic level 4) Exemplar theory is all about the specifics of a category, while the prototype is about specifics 5) Children state that a toaster would be able to become a tea top because – manmade objects are more malleable where as natural objects are more “defined” 6) 7) Exemplars (don’t have a lot of examples) require more (prototype) 8) P and G share the manner of articulation 9) Speech is difficult because phonological concepts change and words are not
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Unformatted text preview: actually separated by a pause 10)Garden paths show that comprehension occurs as we come across them (we do not interpret a sentence after reading it, we do so while reading it) 11)Language is learned by children because of their powerful learning mechanism 12) A tip-of-the-tongue state allows you to access conceptual and lexical but not a phonological level 13) We are able to create a number of different sentences because syntax is _______ 14)Categorical perception things that sound like da and pa there is not in-between (sharp transition) 15)Mental images/short memory 16)Time and distance are proportional (in both mental imagery to actual time needed for the task) 17) None are true 18) Analogue fashion? 19) Which suggests machinery ?!?! 20) Person will mention that a squirrel has eyes if asked to form a mental image...
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psych midterm 3 - actually separated by a pause 10)Garden...

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