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hum 130 appendix G CheckPoint Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

Hum 130 appendix G CheckPoint Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

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Axia College Material Appendix G Eastern Religion Elements Matrix Hinduism Buddhism Confucianism Daoism Countries of origin India and Southeast Asia Nepal and India China China Historical figures and events Festival of lights, (Diwali) Celebrated in October, Holy festival of colors celebrated in spring, and Bhrahma and Vishnu Buddah, Veska Day 15 th day of the 4 th month of each year. Founded by Confusius (AKA Kong Zi) Daiosim was started by Lao Tzu. Central beliefs Polytheistic Many faces of God are represented in this one divine reality. Buddha gave the world for enlightenment to the people. God as an entity is not recognized. Refuge from the suffering is in Buddah, Dharma, and Sangha. Rank defines proper action. Wisdom is unique in this religion. Aligning with nature is the source of right action and strength. HUM 130
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Nature of God There are more than 200,000 gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. Some are major deities with major duties such as Shiva, others are of lesser import and are more directly connected with specific duties such as the house or ancestors. Some schools of Buddhism discourage doctrinal study, and some regard it as essential, but most regard it as having a place, at least for some persons at some stages in Buddhist practice. In the earliest Buddhist teachings, shared to some extent by all extant schools, the concept of liberation the goal of the Buddhist path is closely related to the correct understanding of how the mind causes stress. In awakening to the true nature of clinging, one develops dispassion for the objects of clinging, and is liberated from suffering (dukkha) and the cycle of incessant rebirths (samsara). To this end, the Buddha recommended viewing things as characterized by the three marks of existence. THE CONFUCIANISM NATURE OF GOD IS THAT THEY DO NOT BELIEVE. CONFUCIUS WAS BORN ABOUT 2500 YEARS AGO. HE WAS A GREAT SAGE OF CHINA. BEFORE CONFUCIUS, THERE WERE OTHER BOOKS/ BELIEFS, ONE OF WHICH WAS TAOISM. Daoism or Taoism is primarily a Philosphy tthey don't have a personal god.
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Hum 130 appendix G CheckPoint Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

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