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Assignment Hinduism Paper

Assignment Hinduism Paper - Running head HINDUISM 1...

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Running head: HINDUISM 1 Hinduism Kim Waddell HUM/130 December 18, 2010 Frank Mueller
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HINDUISM 2 Hinduism Hinduism is a very difficult religion to define. It is one of the oldest religions in world and originated in what is now India. Hinduism is often considered to be polytheistic because there is the opportunity to believe in so many different deities, but in many cases, Hinduism is monotheistic and Hindus believe in just one personal god or goddess. One of the amazing things about Hinduism is its ability to integrate new beliefs and ideas. Normally, a religion as old as Hinduism would see some sort of evolution where it changes through time. Hinduism is not like that. Many of the old traditions are still intact and new ones just get added. This lends itself to a certain tolerance for people who do not have the exact same beliefs and customs. In Hinduism, it is difficult to separate out religion and culture because they are so integrated. While it is difficult to define what the Hindu religion is, it is possible to discuss some of the ideas in which they believe. In order to describe Hinduism, we encounter terms such as bhakti (devotion), dharma (what is right), yoga (discipline), and varnasramadharma (class and stage of life dharma). One of the most common ideas in the Hindu religion is the concept of the sacred texts that are known as the Vedas. “Veda” means “knowledge” and the hymns of the Vedas are believed to have been written somewhere in the wide range of 1500-900 BCE (Fowler, 1997).
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Assignment Hinduism Paper - Running head HINDUISM 1...

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