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CheckPoint Eating What, When, and How Much

CheckPoint Eating What, When, and How Much - I have not...

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The way I choose my nutrition does not really speak for my own personal experience. I say this because I have to follow a meal plan because of my strict diet that I was put on because of my endometriosis and most of the things I would not choose on my own. I support some of the concepts that are talked about within the book. As my endometriosis my body needs a little extra help with the way I eat and how my body processes it. I had to learn how to eat foods with vitamins and minerals that would help my body and let go of the foods that were high in sodium that hurt my body. When I’m at home by myself I eat foods that are good for me and keeps my stomach from being bothered and start hurting and cramping which makes me sick, but when I’m around friends and family my foods are more of things that have tons of salt and sweet. My body has never been on an eating schedule because everything I do varies from time to time for me. The key to understanding hunger is to appreciate that eating meals stress the body. For me when
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Unformatted text preview: I have not eating a meal within a five hour period of my last meal I began to shake because my sugar is low and my body began to shake because my sugar is low and my body is asking for more. I agree with ( Redd and de Castro 1992) that when eating with others a person tend to eat more. With set- point are body is suppose to maintain a constant body weight. With humans this may change over time with the way we eat and how much of it we eat. As of settling point the human body is more in the natural point were different factors influence eating. As humans without the right things put into are body we gain weight and without the right source we lose energy that our body needs. I had lost a lot of weight that I did not need to lose due to my diet and the list of foods I am not supposed to eat. References Pinel, J., J. (2007). Basics of Biopsychology. Retrieved from, Axia College...
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