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CheckPoint The Nature Nurture Issue - on the environment...

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Running head: THE NATURE-NURTURE ISSUE 1 The Nature-Nurture Issue Kim Waddell PSY/ 240 December 3, 2010 Diane Pascoe
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THE NATURE-NURTURE ISSUE 2 The Nature-Nurture Issue When something is caused by nature, that means that you're born with it by your genetics, when something is caused by nurture, that means the environment shaped you to be a certain way. Often studies with the pro-nature pro-nurture perspectives are done on twins because this is thought to study two closely related individuals. Pro-nature perspectives usually focus on genetic information, and claim that a certain type of person will be more successful than a different type. Pro-nurture states that any two individuals could progress the same if they have similar environments and families. The common analogy is to think about a person in a wealthy environment versus a poor environment. The Pro-nurture perspective would state that it depends
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Unformatted text preview: on the environment the child grows up in and not just their inherited traits. It is flawed to ask how much of a particular behavior is due to genetics and how much is due to experience because behavior always develops under the combined control of both nature and nurture, not under the control of one or the other. It is appropriate to separate the contributions of genetics and experience when measuring the development of differences among individuals because every individual carries different genes and is also raised differently. While the two factors will affect behavior, the combinations are infinite, in which any interactions cannot truly be judged. THE NATURE-NURTURE ISSUE 3 Reference Pinel, J. P. (2007). Basics of Biopsychology . N/a: Allyn & Bacon....
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CheckPoint The Nature Nurture Issue - on the environment...

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