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Capstone CheckPoint End of the Cold War

Capstone CheckPoint End of the Cold War - The Cold War was...

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The Cold War was the point at which the United States went from being just a powerful player on the world stage to a Superpower. If America had not stepped in to lead world affairs, no one would have the people who might have become involved could have been radicals, Communists, or terrorists. While international borders are disappearing, the world still has a rich and poor, a powerful and powerless. The rich as well are able to keep themselves on top. I believe that global communities ensure that trade will get fairer, an advantage for the poorer countries. Economically these less developed countries can get resources that they need to succeed industrialized countries can help these countries out. The potential African Union now discussed might allow African nations to become more involved in world affairs. America now is losing its unrivaled status as an economic superpower because India and China are surpassing or markets. They are still manufacturing while we are only bringing their services into our
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