CheckPoint Stages of Ego Development

CheckPoint Stages of Ego Development - Pre-social Stage...

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Pre-social Stage (1-1) is the first stage of ego development. In earliest infancy, where thinking is characterized by primary process and delusional projection the ego is dominated by the process of differentiating self from non-self. The Pre-social Stage then merges into the Symbiotic stage, where even after one has a grasp of the stability of the world of objects the baby retains a symbiotic relation with their mother. Impulsive Stage (1-2) is the second stage of ego development. Here the child is preoccupied with bodily impulses, particularly (age-appropriate) sexual and aggressive ones. Here needs and feelings are experienced mostly in bodily modes and the child's orientation at this stage is almost exclusively to the present rather than to past or future. Discipline will be mainly by restraints, rewards and punishments, and others are still mainly seen in terms of what they can give: "Nice to Me" or "Mean to Me". Self-Protective Stage (1-Delta) is the third stage of ego development. The "Self- Protective" stage represents the first step towards self control of impulses. The Self- Protective person has the notion of blame but he externalizes it to other people or to circumstances. At this level, the child craves a morally prescribed rigidly enforced, unchanging order and if maintained too long an older child or adult who remains here may
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CheckPoint Stages of Ego Development - Pre-social Stage...

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