Final Project Personal Narrative

Final Project Personal Narrative - Running head: PERSONAL...

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Running head: PERSONAL NARRATIVE 1 Personal Narrative Kim Waddell PSY/230 November 26, 2010 Robyn Meeks
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PERSONAL NARRATIVE 2 Personal Narrative One has purpose and meaning to their lives no matter what they have done or will do. There will still always be room for meaning and purpose. My purpose in life is probably like many others, but my events that lead to my purpose show to be different and unique in my own way. My ultimate purpose in life was to become a mother and wife not as soon as I did of course. I was nineteen years old just graduated high school being a teenager that just graduated I went to clubs and parties. I was always so “up tight” as my friends always said during high school and I made perfect grades, graduated with honors, had the same boyfriend that I thought I loved all through high school. I did not do a lot of fun things in my high school years because I was in a relationship and I focused on school. It was my second semester of my senior year when I broke up with my boyfriend of four years. I then stayed single and went and had some fun. After I graduated I loosened up a lot and had a blast. I partied and hung out with my friends and lived my life as if there was no tomorrow. One of my closest friends was going to the Navy so went out to give him a great last night in town. We went to the local club on Sunday to hang out and dance a little. I was dancing with one of my friends who started feeling sick so he said to dance with his friend Charlie whom I never met, but I heard of him from people. So I danced with this
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Final Project Personal Narrative - Running head: PERSONAL...

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