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Science of history and technology “extra credit why we need nukesss” Before going to this seminar I’ll have to admit all my knowledge about nuclear power plants came from Homer Simpson. I guess I believed what I saw that a power plant could melt down; I never thought it would explode like a bomb but Chernobyl made me think one accident and thousands are dead. This seminar cleared up some misconceptions; I knew the large tower was just for cooling no radioactive material exited. I used to think the process took place near the tower in almost like a large steel room, but to find out that the reactor is deep beneath the ground encased in 4ft of concrete and steel; which makes me feel a bit safer about nuclear power as a whole. What really struck me as crazy is how many deaths related to fossil fuel power plants occur every year, nearly 30,000. While there are no deaths per year from normal nuclear power plant operations. Some other strong facts are that coal produces 2 gigatons per year of C0
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