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does god exist

does god exist - Philosophy Essay on Presentation Does God...

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Philosophy 12-20-10 Essay on Presentation “Does God Exist” Throughout history many great thinkers have worked to express one of the greatest questions of them all “Does God Exist?” I am going to describe some of the more notable figures that cut a path to helping the masses answer the ever important question. Pascal, Clifford, James and Kierkegaard all interpreted faith in their own respects and tried to take a stab at solving the question. Blaise Pascal was born on June 19, 1623 in Clermont France. In his early years Pascal’s education was confined mainly to languages and lacked any instruction in mathematical science. Around the age of twelve Pascal became interested in geometry, and dedicated much of his free time to learning this new subject. His Father who also had a strong interest in science and math gave Blaise a copy of Euclid’s Elements which is a collection of books that contains many definitions, postulates, theorems, and proofs. Pascal took to intensely studying these books and soon became highly knowledgeable in the world of geometry. His father, a tax collector, put him to work totaling long columns of numbers, this consumed a lot of his free time so he took it upon himself to devise a machine to add numbers. After working on his invention for many years amassing multiple prototypes he succeeded with creating a mechanical calculating machine which he called the “Pascaline”. Pascal’s mechanical calculator could calculate up to eight figure and was said to do the work of multiple accountants at once, which made some fear would cause unemployment. His early calculator never gained much fame in the work place and was far too expensive to produce to be practical in the early days of its life.
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Pascal at an early age became a very sickly man; he suffered from nervous ailments which confined him to crutches for a large part of his life. For a few years Pascal’s life took a sour turn, his father died in 1651 which eventually caused a monetary dispute with his sister eventually leaving him in near poverty. All his bad luck culminated when he had a run in with death which in turn gave him a religious experience that transformed the remainder of
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does god exist - Philosophy Essay on Presentation Does God...

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