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What Moore - that id I don’t know that I’m not dreaming...

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Knowledge reality and nature 11-8-2010 What Moore's criticism of Descartes' dream argument? The argument begins by comparing the dream argument to an argument of a man standing; one cannot know whether they are without a doubt dreaming the same goes that a person cannot be sure they are standing. So hypothetically speaking if a man were sleeping, it could follow that the man is standing up because it is logically possible. Moore stated an example of Duke who dreamed he was speaking in the House of Lords and when he woke up he actually was speaking in front the House of Lords. If he was to dream about standing up when actually lying down, at this moment he would be deceived. If what we dream to be the case happens to truly be the case we may be said to be thinking it really is the case, although we can’t be sure that this is the truth. He therefore agrees with the dream argument which asserts
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Unformatted text preview: that id I don’t know that I’m not dreaming it follows that I don’t know that I am standing up, even if I both actually am and think that I am. It is not certain that I am not dreaming, and it’s not certain that I have the evidence of my sense to know I’m standing. He says the evidence of his senses that he does have must provide a certainty that either he’s standing up or is very like having the evidence of my sense that he is standing up. The conjunctions of his memories of the immediate past with said sensory experiences may be enough to show he is not dreaming. It is certainly logically possible that he should be dreaming, might be dreaming and is dreaming is not self-contradictory. But the conjunction of these propositions and memories with the proposition that he is dreaming seems to be very likely self-contradictory....
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