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EE331: Microprocessor, 2010-11, Term 1 Page 1 of 1 Assignment 4: 10 marks Q1. In a computer store, there are two one-way doors: “entry” and “exit”. Both doors are equipped with laser light beams and photocells. Every time a shopper enters into the store or exits from the store, the beam is broken which then results in a pulse as shown below. If the number of customer present in the store at any time is greater than 250, the system will turn on a warning light (connected to PIC16F84A MCU’s RB6 by asserting “0”). If this number is greater than 300, there is a fire hazard and the system will sound an emergency alarm (connected to the
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Unformatted text preview: MCU’s RB7 by asserting “1”). Design an interrupt-driven interface combining the two entry and exit signals and using the external interrupt of the 16F84A MCU that achieves the task. Show the hardware diagram with external components of the entire system. Assume that the system is reset at the beginning of business each day. Q2. Redesign the system in Q1 without using the external interrupt (RB0 / INT). Redraw the hardware diagram of the entire system....
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